Your Source for Excellence in Laundry Equipment Maintenance

We have been serving the commercial and industrial laundry market since 1985. During our 35+ years in business, we have developed an unmatched reputation for Integrity, Responsiveness and Quality.

Leading Edge is a service focused business. We work on all major brands of commercial laundry equipment. Our service technicians have decades of experience working with commercial and industrial laundries. This service focus differentiates Leading Edge from our competitors.

​Work with Leading Edge to:

  • Improve laundry productivity
  • Reduce utility expenditures 
  • Lower equipment maintenance costs 
  • Extend the useful life of your assets

Leading Edge delivers these long term results by designing and delivering on proactive preventive maintenance programs.

In support of our service team, we carry an extensive inventory of parts, and have relationships to cost effectively source parts for all brands of commercial equipment.

Leading Edge also carries GA Braun and Tolon equipment lines for new equipment, and has an active equipment refurbishment service for customer owned equipment, and equipment that Leading Edge has available for resale.