The History of Our Company

The inception of Freitas Enterprising, Inc. dates back to the mid-1980s when Dan and June Freitas established the company as the New England distributor and service partner for GA Braun's industrial laundry equipment. Drawing from Dan's experience as a field service technician for GA Braun, the venture aimed to specialize in providing regional service to commercial and industrial laundries. Swiftly gaining a stellar reputation in the New England market, the business expanded its offerings beyond new GA Braun equipment, with Dan providing repair services, preventive maintenance programs as well as refurbishing used GA Braun equipment for resale.

In 2007, while Dan continued to thrive in servicing the Freitas customer base, he found the business operations less enjoyable. Upon meeting Ned Hazard and his partners, a decision was made to form a partnership and further develop the business. From 2007 to 2019, the company operated as Freitas Equipment LLC, with Ned Hazard acting as President, and functioning as a subsidiary within an ownership group that also managed Kleen Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services, Inc., and Sterling Linen Services LLC (until the sale of Sterling in 2016).

Following the closure of Kleen in June 2019, Ned Hazard orchestrated the acquisition of Freitas Equipment's assets, leading to the establishment of the new entity - Leading Edge Laundry Equipment in November 2019. All former employees of Freitas Equipment seamlessly transitioned to the new company, positioning Leading Edge to continue delivering exceptional field service, parts, and equipment support to commercial and industrial laundry operations across the North East.